London Music Tours December 2020 & January 2021

The full schedule of public tours in December & January – virtual tours conducted via Zoom and LIVE walking tours in London.

Click the tour title in the schedule below to browse & book.

London Calling Ep.5: The Kinks01/12/201900
London Calling Ep.6: Pink Floyd02/12/201900
Rock’n’Roll London04/12/201400
Last Christmas – Virtual Tour20/12/201930
London Calling II: Musical Marylebone27/12/201700
Rock’n’Roll London01/01/211400
Hendrix In London – Virtual Tour07/01/211930
London Calling II: Musical St James’s & Mayfair03/01/211700
London Calling II: Musical Kensington10/01/211700
Musical Covent Garden – Virtual Tour10/01/211930
Bart! Lionel Bart’s London14/01/211930
Rock’n’Roll London15/01/211400
Beatlemania! The Walking Tour15/10/211000
London Calling II: Musical Chelsea17/01/211700
Pink Floyd In London – Virtual Tour17/01/211930
Handel In London – Virtual Tour21/01/211930
London Calling II: Musical Covent Garden24/01/211700
Radio Days – A Virtual Tour28/01/211930
London Calling II: Musical East End31/01/211700
The Kinks – Virtual Tour31/01/211930
Updated 25/11/20

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