The Friday Playlist(2) Bob Dylan In May 1965

THE WEEKEND STARTS HERE! Thanks to everyone who joined a London Music Tour this week!

Here’s a little something for the weekend. If you’re off on a trip, at home, or on the way to join a London Music Tour this weekend, two playlists to get you in the mood.

THIS WEEK’S THEME… Dylan In England May 1965

Back in May ’65 Bob Dylan was in residence at the Savoy Hotel here in London. The events of his British tour that year are documented in D.A Pennebaker’s legendary 1967 music doco Don’t Look Back. Playlist No.1 features the tracks from his album of the time, Bringing It All Back Home, with tunes by other artists popular in the UK at around that time…

Playlist No.2 (an extra one this week!) is the UK Top 20 from the 6th May 1965, including 2 Bob Dylan numbers…

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