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Adam writes… As those of you have joined me on my London Music Tours will know, I’m a massive fan of the 60s Stones. But it’s always seemed to me that The Stones themselves wanted little to do with that part of their career. Understandable, I suppose, given that they lost control of the 60s catalogue to former manager Allen Klein a long time ago.

An Introduction to The Blues

2017’s On Air album and book package redressed the balance and delighted fans of the band’s formative period. Particularly those who are fans of Brian Jones’s guitar playing.

For many Brits back in ’63, these performances formed an introduction to the blues. In the story of pop music, these are monumental moments. The On Air album – two CD’s – features their BBC performances in 1964 and ’65 recorded for radio at three London venues – Broadcasting HouseThe Playhouse Theatre and Maida Vale Studios.

The accompanying hardback book follows them through radio and TV studios in the UK and across the world. It weaves the narrative of the Stones’ first act with the story of mass media’s global explosion. Great photos, too.

On Air – A London Locations Map

To accompany the Rolling Stones book & double CD, I’ve put together a map featuring the three locations where the double CD’s tracks were recorded for the BBC. Additionally, there are seven other London locations as featured in the excellent accompanying book.

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If you’d like to book a Rolling Stones walking tour, drop me a line (give me the date and time and a rough idea of how many people will be attending). The full description of the tour can be found HERE. You can also contact me by using the form at the foot of this post.

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