Crosby, Stills & Nash In London: A Self-Guided Tour

Adam writes…

I’m very excited to be posting this on the day of Graham Nash’s return to the live stage in London. He’s playing the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane this very night.

This post includes a map of his old London haunts – I’ll be taking a wander around a few of them on my way to the gig. If you see me, give me a wave!



It’s not uncommon to meet a Crosby, Stills & Nash or Hollies fan on my London Music Tours – and this map has been inspired by those encounters. I think it’s also a pretty good starting point for those just discovering CSN, CSN&Y and, of course, The Hollies. Here’s a self-guided tour through Graham Nash’s London.


Graham Nash, born in Blackpool 1942, moved to London with his band The Hollies in 1963 when they signed to the Parlophone label.

Only The Beatles had more chart hits than The Hollies here in the UK.

Nash left the band in ’68 and went on to found one of the first supergroups with David Crosby of The Byrds and Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield.

The first Crosby, Stills and Nash album was released on Atlantic on 29th May 1969.

Here’s your self-guided tour of the London places where Nash lived, played and recorded. Have fun!

For those new to Mr Nash, here’s a starter guide playlist…


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