Beatlemania! A Virtual Tour

The Beatles In London 1961 – 1965

Beatlemania! is written & hosted by Adam
The tour is conducted via Zoom and lasts approx 1 hour – 75 minutes
Tour invitations will be sent out 24 hours before the tour starts via email – please check your spam folders


31st December – 6pm (1800)
1st January 2022 – 10pm (2200)
4th September 2022 – 7pm (1900)
5th October 2022 – 7pm (1900)
Updated 02/08/21
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This tour zooms in on The Beatles as they arrive in London in December 1961 – for their infamous failed audition with Decca Records – and follows their footsteps from obscurity to world superstardom.

From the freezing blue winter of ’61/’62 to the Day-Glo threshold of the summer of love via the White Hot Heat of political, social and artistic upheaval. We’ll find The Beatles IN the 60s… as well as The Beatles AND the 60s

The Places…

Piccadilly Circus for the glamorous premiere of A Hard Day’s Night

The theatre where Beatlemania was born

The club where George & John took their first acid trip

The old HMV shop and a chance encounter for Brian Epstein that changed the path of pop culture

The Period…

The BBC and the pop music “ban”

The fall of a government under the weight of a sex scandal

The fashion

The protests

The People

Beatles manager Brian Epstein – the tragic trajectory of The Fifth Beatle

Song publisher Dick James and the death of old Tin Pan Alley 

The Rolling Stones – friends or rivals?