Jimi Hendrix In London – A Virtual Tour

Jimi Hendrix is written & hosted by Adam
The tour is conducted via Zoom and lasts approx 1 hour – 75 minutes
Tour invitations will be sent out 24 hours before the tour starts via email – please check your spam folders
Updated 26/01/22

Jimi Hendrix is still considered by many to be the greatest guitarist in Rock’n’Roll.

And his legend was born right here in London

Yes, he’d been a jobbing musician in the United States for a number of years by the time of his arrival in London in 1966. But it’s those London nights in ’66 and ’67 that transform a mere career into a legend.

Born and raised in Washington state in the Pacific Northwest, our tour will explore why he had to come to London to make it big… we’ll visit Regent Street Poly, explore the musical heritage of Notting Hill, visit long-gone Kensington Market as well as Mayfair, Marylebone, Knightsbridge and Soho where he played his final gig.

We’ll also have tales from the gigs Hendrix played – the Scotch of St James, the Saville Theatre and the Bag O’ Nails among them.

A star-studded supporting cast includes Chas Chandler and Eric Burdon from The Animals, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend of The Who and Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones.

Jimi’s Last Day

Among the places we will visit on our virtual tour is the Samarkand Hotel in Notting Hill, where Jimi Hendrix died on the 18th September 1970…

The last known pics of Jimi Hendrix, 17th September 1970…


As Hendrix’s story unfolds on the tour, we will encounter a number of other artists along the way, including The Animals, John Lee Hooker, The VIP’s (who played at the famous Scotch Of St James Club) and Cream. Here’s a playlist of the other artists featured on the tour…

Hendrix Resources

The Handel & Hendrix House

The Handel & Hendrix House in London is one of the world’s most vivid music museums – their website is a wonderful resource for Hendrix fans, including a fantastic piece on his hifi set-up and record collection. Visit here: https://handelhendrix.org/

The National Museum Of African American Music

At time of writing (March 2021) The National Museum Of African American Music in Nashville, Tennessee has just opened having been delayed by the pandemic. Plan your visit and browse their excellent resources here: https://nmaam.org/