Mozart In London – A Virtual Tour

Mozart In London is written & hosted by Adam
The tour is conducted via Zoom and lasts approx 1 hour – 75 minutes
Tour invitations will be sent out 24 hours before the tour starts via email – please check your spam folders
9th September 2021 7pm (1900)
7th January 2022 6pm (1800)
Updated 12/07/21

Mozart’s London

London is in love with Mozart. Just like the rest of the world.

His time here was brief – only 15 months, from April 1764 to July 1765.

Despite the brevity of his London sojourn we can boast a street, a statue and not one but THREE plaques in his honour.

There are a bunch of European cities with a greater claim over his talents. Mozart’s roots are deepest in Vienna, where he lived the bulk of his 35 years. He visited Paris on three separate occasions. That’s not to forget his birthplace of Salzburg.

But it was in London that he became a composer.

At the age of nine, Wolfgang composed his first symphony in Chelsea. It was premiered at the Little Theatre in The Haymarket. We’ll visit both locations on our tour.

We’ll follow him to ragged digs in Soho, find him in the fresh air of Chelsea and we’ll look at London life in the 18th century along the way. From low taverns to Buckingham House and an audience with King George III, all London life is here.

His sister Maria Anna will get her place in the story, too – a talented musician in her own right. And we’ll meet dad Leopold, principal teacher to his children, and discuss his role in the life and career of one of history’s most mythologised composers.