The Friday Playlist – Alexis Korner For Beginners

THE WEEKEND STARTS HERE! Thanks to everyone who joined a London Music Tour this week!

Here’s a little something for the weekend. If you’re off on a trip, at home, or on the way to join a London Music Tour this weekend, a playlist to get you in the mood.


I’m leading a lot of tours for Rolling Stones fans at the moment in this their 60th anniversary year, so this week’s playlist goes into their formative years and is entitled Alexis Korner For Beginners.

The guru of British blues, Alexis Korner welcomed a generation of American bluesmen to London and offered them a place to stay, nurtured a generation of British bluesmen including The Stones, and educated a further generation and more with his BBC Radio shows.

No slouch in the guitar playing department either, here’s your starting point for Alexis Korner…

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