Handel’s London: Fire & Water

A Short Playlist To Accompany The Handel’s London Tour

Adam writes… Joining me in search of George Frideric Handel’s London? Here are a couple of pieces for you to listen to ahead of the tour – whether you have booked for the walking tour or the virtual tour version of Handel’s London, we’ll be visiting locations relating to both The Music For the Royal Fireworks (1749) and Water Music (1717)

Both recordings are by The English Concert

Music for the Royal Fireworks was premiered in Green Park in April 1749 – we’ll be visiting the site on the tour. The version of the overture presented here, from the dry, dramatic drum roll at the top to the cascading brass and strings of the denouement, blends perfectly the martial and regal aspects of the occasion for which it was commissioned…

The Water Music was commissioned by King George I in 1717 for a performance on 17th July that year and we’ll be discussing the whole affair down by the River Thames on our tour. To get you in the mood, here’s the spry and jolly hornpipe section. Go on! Have a jig!

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