Pink Floyd in 60s London

A walking tour of Pink Floyd locations in London 1965 – 1970

Tour meets at Leicester Square Tube (by Wyndham’s Theatre)
Guided by Adam

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11th June 2023 2pm (1400)
10th September 2023 10.45am (1045)
Updated 17 Jan 2023

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In search of Pink Floyd in 1960s London

One of the world’s biggest bands – their 1973 opus Dark Side Of The Moon has sold in excess of 45 million copies worldwide.

On this tour we discover the origins of one of history’s biggest bands – Pink Floyd.

It’s a tour for fans AND newbies.

Architecture students Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright met at Regent Street Polytechnic in 1963 and were joined in ’64 by charismatic painter & songwriter Syd Barrett. David Gilmour (an old Cambridge friend of both Barrett & Waters) subsequently replaced Syd – we’ll deal with the whys and wherefores of Syd’s leaving the band – and, with Waters as principal writer, they went on to sell millions of records over a period of 15 years of groundbreaking rock music followed by 20+ years of very public artistic differences.

Five decades on, Floyd records still sell, new Sydologists join the cult every year and the debate rages on: Waters or Gilmour: which side are you on?

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