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London Music Tours 2024 Schedule Update

In 2023 the new Small Group Beatles Tours proved to be very popular with music fans who like to take it easy and really immerse themselves in the locations. And the tours are returning to the schedule for 2024 with the first outings in January.

The concept – longer tours, smaller groups, easy pace – offers all the exclusivity of a private tour for something nearer the price of a public tour.


Each tour covers a different part of The Beatles’ story. Part one is Beatlemania! The Beatles in London 1961 – 1965 with part two covering 1966 – 1970 and going by the name of The Long And Winding Road. The inspiration for the tours came from the famous Red and Blue Greatest Hits double albums released back in 1973.

The tours launched in June 2023 and are the culmination of an award-winning London tour guide‘s life-long infatuation with The Beatles.


The Inspiration…

“I acquired my first Beatles album – Beatles For Sale – back when I was seven years old,” says Adam, London Music Tours lead guide and founder, “and I loved the music straight away. But it wasn’t just the music, it was the look, the album packaging, everything. They all looked so alike and so cool and I was immediately hooked: who are they? Where are they from? But back in those pre-Google days – this was 1976 – finding out more about them wasn’t the simple matter that it is today.

Discovering more of their music was no piece of cake either – remember they had been split up for six years at this point, so with no new releases I had to rely on relatives and family friends to fill in the gaps for me with home-recorded cassettes and battered old hand-me-down albums. It quickly began to amaze me that the same guys who sang Every Little Thing in 1964 were also behind Within You Without You in 1967…

“When a friend’s big brother made a couple of tape cassettes for me of the double albums that we now call the Red and the Blue albums, the idea that this band was almost two different bands (the showbiz pop Beatles of the touring years and the post-touring, more experimental Beatles) my imagination was fired and the seeds of this two-part chronological walking tour were planted.

“Here’s the idea: are you an early Beatles fan? Then Beatlemania! is the one for you; The Long & Winding Road will scratch the itch for fans of 1966’s Revolver-onwards; if, like me, you love BOTH periods… well, I’ll look forward to seeing you on both tours!”


“The Size Of The Group Was Perfect”

Laura H from Colorado, a participant on the first outing of the Beatlemania! tour in 2023 wrote: “We were so happy to take the inaugural tour but honestly, it was so well-presented and absolutely interesting, you’d think this had been polished like a jewel. Adam is, hands down the best guide we’ve had the pleasure to tour with. He’s enthusiastically informed, friendly, accommodating, organized, and is the sort of expert in his field that makes you want to hang onto every word. I enjoyed myself immensely.”

Craig from Australia added: The size of the group was perfect, allowing for a more intimate experience. It was easy to interact with Adam and ask questions, making the tour feel personalised and engaging.”

Both Beatlemania! and The Long And Winding Road are bookable as private tours – use the form at the bottom of this post. To book places on the schedules tours, use the forms below.

The full schedule of London Music Tours can be found HERE.

Keep an eye out for us (or see yourself!) via the Abbey Road webcam HERE.




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