The Rock’n’Roll Pub Walk With LIVE Music From Your Guide

London Music Tours 2024 Schedule Update 2

The Rock’n’Roll Pub Walk With LIVE Music From Your Guide returns to the schedule in July 2024 – it’s far-and-away the most social of all the walks on the programme. We stop at the pub along the way for a break a drink and a chat and there’s live music to accompany the tour performed by your own tour guide!

Sometimes the live music is at one of the pubs, on other occasions we do it wherever the mood takes us! Here’s a little clip to give you a flavour…


Your guide Adam says: “The Rock’n’Roll London Pub walk is consistently the most well-reviewed tour on my whole schedule. I think this comes down to the atmosphere created by you guys, the tour participants. Everyone is on the tour because they love music – and they usually don’t mind the pub too much either! We share our stories with each other and it’s a great tour for meeting fellow fans.

“My late tour guiding colleague Harry Jackson used to say that on a good tour you start out as a tour guide working, but before too long you’re just out for a walk and a chat with a few friends. That, for me, sums up the Rock’n’Roll London Pub Walk perfectly.”

On the topic of reviews, here’s one of our all-time favourites, with the immortal line, “It’s like being on a tour with your own personal rock star”!


In 2024 the Rock’n’Roll Pub walk has moved to Thursday nights from July 2024 and runs for a strictly limited six-week season. We meet at 7pm.

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